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OYT MACHINE丨The Usage and Maintenance of Electric Spindle

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Electric spindle is a new technology that integrates machine tool spindle and spindle motor in the field of CNC machine tools. Together with linear motor technology and high-speed tool technology, it pushes high-speed machining into a new era.

The electro-spindle includes the electro-spindle itself and its accessories, including the electro-spindle, high-frequency frequency conversion device, oil mist lubricator, cooling device, built-in encoder, tool changer, etc. The rotor of the motor is directly used as the main shaft of the machine tool, and the shell of the main shaft unit is the motor base, and cooperates with other components to realize the integration of the motor and the main shaft of the machine tool. This kind of transmission structure that the spindle motor and the machine tool spindle are "integrated into one" makes the spindle components relatively independent from the transmission system and the overall structure of the machine tool, so it can be made into a "spindle unit", commonly known as "electric spindle" (Electricspindle). ), the characteristics are high speed, high precision, low noise, low inertia, light weight, fast response and high power.

OYT Machine applies the electric spindle to the design of high-speed CNC machine tools, cancels the mechanical spindle structure of pulley drive and gear drive, and greatly simplifies the overall structure of the machine tool. The built-in motor of the electric spindle is directly driven, which shortens the length of the transmission chain of the machine tool spindle to zero, and realizes the high speed and high precision of the machine tool.

As the core component of CNC machine tools, the electro-spindle should be properly used and maintained to make the machine tool have a longer life and higher processing efficiency.

Safety Precautions:

1) Non-professional technicians are prohibited from setting, disassembling or repairing the electric spindle.

2) By monitoring the temperature, vibration, abnormal noise, noise, etc. of the electric spindle, it can be judged whether the spindle is running normally. If there is any abnormality, please stop the machine immediately and notify the mechanic.

3) When the electric spindle is running, the rotating parts will generate huge centrifugal force, and the operator must open the safety protection device of the machine tool.

4) It is strictly forbidden to operate beyond the technical parameters specified by the electro-spindle, otherwise it will cause unpredictable serious consequences.

5) It is forbidden to use the dust blowing gun to blow air to the nose of the spindle to prevent foreign objects from entering the interior of the spindle and damaging the spindle.

6) The compressed air pressure must be within 0.6~0.8Mpa, and the air must be kept dry and pure.


1) According to different processing characteristics, it is necessary to equip a suitable tool holder and use it according to the specified requirements, so that the best performance of the spindle can be exerted.

2) Before starting, confirm whether the model of the tool holder is correct, and ensure that the nut and other accessories are installed reliably. The bed operator must unscrew the nut of the collet, and cannot use the method of directly inserting and extracting the tool to change the tool to prevent the tool from flying out.

3) Check whether the contact surface of the tool is clean, and after clamping the tool, check whether the tool is clamped in place.

4) The tool holder must be tested by dynamic balance, otherwise it will cause excessive vibration of the electric spindle, reduce the accuracy of the spindle, and cause damage to the machine tool in severe cases.

Spindle running:

1) Before starting, it is necessary to test whether the emergency stop button works normally. In case of emergency during processing, please press the emergency stop button immediately.

2) The broach signal is detected in real time, the broach signal must be present when the spindle is running, and the tool change operation is prohibited before the spindle has completely stopped rotating.

3) The tool is not fixed, it is strictly forbidden to start the spindle, otherwise it will endanger the operator.

4) During the operation of the spindle, it is strictly forbidden to touch its rotating parts.

5) Appropriate spindle speed and feed speed should be set according to the thickness of the profile, processing technology, section shape, material, etc., to prevent the tool from breaking and hurting people.

Heat engine running:

1) Step 1: Run at 25% of the maximum speed for 5 minutes.

2) Step 2: Run at 50% of the maximum speed for 5 minutes.

3) Step 3: Run at 75% of the maximum speed for 20 minutes.

Maintenance and maintenance of the electro-spindle:

1) During the maintenance of the electro-spindle, it must be ensured that the electro-spindle is disconnected from the power supply and insulated, and the electro-spindle must stop rotating completely.

2) Common faults and remedial measures

Problem Possible Cause/Remedy

The spindle will not start ①The phase connection is incorrect: check the power connection ②The spindle is clamped: loosen the clamp

Spindle overheating Insufficient coolant supply: Pump rotates in wrong direction. Swap two phases; cooling pipes are clogged: clean the cooling system or check for kinks in the cooling pipes

Coolant temperature too high: cooling system not working; check safety system

Constant load operation: check whether the normal output has been exceeded

Bearing wear: replace bearings

Bearing lubrication units supplied with non-specified lubricants: check that the lubrication settings meet the requirements

The spindle does not run smoothly and has irregular vibration. The handle does not hold effectively: see next point

Bearing damage: replace the bearing

Damaged or worn tool clamping system (spring assembly or collet): Replace damaged or worn parts

The tool holder is out of the specified tolerance: replace the tool holder

Tool holder cannot be removed Low oil/air pressure of tool unloader unit: check pressure

Knife unloader unit hose not properly connected or broken: check and replace hose if necessary

Tool cone/cone without lubrication/cleaning: increase lubrication

Rotary drive unit leaks Rotary drive unit seals worn: replace the rotary drive unit

Maintenance and maintenance of tool holder and taper hole:

1) Aluminum scraps will be mixed with oil, water, etc., which will affect the dust blowing effect and cause the deterioration of the working environment. Please keep the taper surface of the tool holder and the taper hole of the spindle clean at all times, free from water, dust, grease (oil block), aluminum chips or other debris.

2) Under the harsh working environment of the spindle, the taper hole of the tool shank is easy to enter aluminum chips. After the daily work is completed, the taper surface of the tool shank and the taper hole of the rotating shaft must be cleaned to avoid affecting the tool changing operation or causing the spindle to be stuck and damaged. When the machine is shut down for a long time, it is necessary to do the anti-rust treatment of the taper hole. It is recommended to use a special cleaning stick to complete the cone hole cleaning. After cleaning the taper hole, apply a little grease to improve the tool change efficiency.

3) Clean and maintain the collet and the mating surface every week, and wipe it with alcohol during maintenance.

4) Carefully clean the conical surface of the knife handle every two weeks with a clean soft cloth moistened with ethanol. After cleaning, spray rust remover on the cone surface and use a clean rag to spread it evenly.

5) For HSK tool holders, in order to maintain the high efficiency of the collet, please apply grease to the taper hole of the rotating shaft every month. After the grease is applied, perform several tool changing steps to form an even layer of grease on the surface of the taper hole, then remove the tool shank from the spindle and wipe off any visible grease with a clean rag (excessive grease may cause the spindle and damage to the handle).

Maintenance and maintenance of cooling system:

1) Since the electric spindle integrates the motor into the spindle unit, and the speed is high, a lot of heat will be generated during operation, causing the electric spindle to heat up, making the thermal and dynamic characteristics of the electric spindle worse, thus affecting the normal operation of the electric spindle . Ouyat Machinery is equipped with a forced cooling mechanism of a water cooler in the design of the machine tool to cool the stator and spindle bearings of the electric spindle, so that the temperature of the electric spindle is constant within a certain range. Therefore, in daily use, special attention should be paid to whether the cooling mechanism is working properly.

2) Monitor in real time whether the water level of the water cooler is normal. If it is lower than the specified water level, please replenish it in time according to the correct method.

3) Check the cooling water level every week to see if there is scale or floating objects. If it exists, please replace it in time according to the correct method.




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