OYT Machine|Onustec Group offers a wide range of different Saw Machines for aluminum profile bars, distinguished by different cutting lengths and cutting angles as well as single or double-head mitre saws depending on the models; the cutting length can be customized in order to meet each of the customers' requirements.

Suitable for small and large productions, a wide range of double mitre saws, single head mitre saws, automatic saws, notching saws, table saws,v cut saws, and panel saws for your option, cutting function using the ‘cutting from below’ and ‘cutting from back’ principle, the technology guarantees unrestricted access to the support tables and allows optimal use of the blade. This makes for excellent cutting capacity and the ability to make any type of cutting. The freedom of the blade makes it possible to cut profiles of any height and width, without additions.

The cutting heads pivot from various angle range depending on the model, both to the left and to the right, allowing the saws to work on the external and internal dimension.

In addition to the basic equipment, all the machines can be fitted with additional accessories and devices, such as safety hoods, to provide the optimal response to the needs of the customer.

To find the right saws for you and your company, refer to the technical datasheets and check out the unique features of each product!




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