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OYT Machine was selected as The 2021 Foshan Gazelle Enterprise

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On November 12, the Foshan High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee announced the list of gazelle enterprises to be identified in 2021. OYT Machine was successfully awarded for its deep cultivation in the field of high-end intelligent equipment and active exploration in the field of industrial software.

   OYT Gazelle Enterprise

Foshan High-tech Industrial Development Zone, through the selection and support of gazelle enterprises, focuses on cultivating and encouraging the introduction of a group of gazelle enterprises with "fast growth rate, strong innovation ability, good development prospects, high technology content, and high-tech industries". High-quality resources support the continuous and rapid growth of enterprises, cultivate influential gazelle enterprise clusters, enhance the vitality of regional economic development, and promote the high-quality development of Foshan High-tech Zone.


OYT Machine is located in the National Science and Technology Industrial Park, Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, focusing on the overall solution of high-end intelligent equipment. It is an innovative national High-Tech Enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service.  


OYT Machine is initiated and established by a number of domestic and foreign technical experts and senior industry professionals. Since its establishment, it has taken the localization and internationalization of high-end intelligent equipment overall solutions as its own responsibility, focusing on R&D and technological innovation, attracting many industry talents. Established the leading position of innovation in the market as "OYT Machine".

OYT Machines owns a professional R&D technical team powered by German experts, continues to continuous human resource, material and financial resources investment, and actively carries out independent innovation and technical research,OYT has actively carried out strategic cooperation in the industry, and has successively established strategic partnerships with German camProx OHG Software Company, German Siemens AG, and Chinese Huazhong CNC Group to enhance international Creativity. So far, OYT Machine has applied for more than 100 national invention patent certificates for intellectual property rights, passed and won the CE certification, the national high-tech enterprise certification, and has repeatedly won the industry's best brand award, the annual star innovation award in China's building door, window and curtain wall industry, Scientific and technological progress promotion award and other national honors, products and equipment are exported to more than ten countries and regions such as Europe, America, Southeast Asia, etc., and have won unanimous praise from customers.


OYT focuses on the localization and internationalization of the overall solution for high-end intelligent equipment, adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship, innovation and development, and is committed to building "OYT Machine" into a high-end brand in the global equipment industry, making the world fall in love with Chinese machinery and precision metal. The processing industry makes a contribution!




Factory:No. 18 Keda Rd., Shishan Town,Nanhai District,Foshan,China
Office: Rm 2328 No. 559 Tianhe North Rd.,Tianhe ,Guangzhou,China
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