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Complete Machine Solution for Aluminum MIC Construction

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A prefabricated building is a building assembled on site with prefabricated components, which is called Modular Integrated Construction (MIC for short). MIC divides the building into modules, and each module is produced, assembled, processed, and decorated in the factory. The assembly and synthesis construction method is conducive to saving resources and energy, reducing construction pollution, improving labor productivity and quality and safety level; promoting the deep integration of the construction industry and industrialization and informatization, cultivating new industries and new kinetic energy, and promoting the resolution of excess capacity.


Aluminium MIC Application: With rising labor costs and tighter resource and environmental constraints, the application of aluminum alloys in MIC can help alleviate some of the challenges currently faced by the construction industry.

1) Lightweight and sturdy: aluminum alloy is light in weight and easy to transport; its lightweight characteristics allow to make a smaller foundation for easy installation.


2)Explore the possibilities: Aluminum alloys are ductile and easy to manufacture and extrude into infinite shapes. It enables users to build aluminum alloy buildings of different colors, shapes and structures, with infinite possibilities for construction.

3)Easy to process: The density of aluminum alloy material is 1/3 of that of steel, which is easy to cut, thereby improving production efficiency, enabling rapid profitability and quick return on investment.


4)Weather resistance: Aluminum is moisture-resistant and corrosion-resistant. It is almost maintenance-free throughout its life cycle and can withstand the test of harsh environments, such as: near the coast, areas where roads are often salted, etc., without worrying about rusting. No need for expensive galvanizing or painting.


5)Environmentally sustainable: Aluminum is 100% recyclable and has a high resale value at the end of its useful life. Recycling scrap aluminum only requires 5% of the energy used to make new aluminum. Aluminum does not lose any strength or mechanical properties after deconstruction. It is completely reusable and is an environmentally friendly metal material.


Aluminium MIC Application: aluminum alloy pedestrian bridges, commercial aluminum alloy piers, floating aluminum docks, aluminum alloy walkways around the lake, adaptive rowing, quasi-racing, barrier-free solutions, aluminum for marine aviation Alloy springboards, gangways, assembled synthetic aluminum alloy high-rise buildings, mobile aluminum houses, prefabricated cabin isolation hotels, prefabricated international health stations, student dormitories, apartments, hotels, transitional houses, high-end holiday homes, creative offices, fast fashion Emerging industries such as shops, bar shops, mobile gyms, and full-contact mobile interactive halls.




1)Aluminum bridges can be adapted in combination with different terrains to meet the construction needs of different environments such as cities, seaside, woods, rocks, and rugged roads, and can be well integrated into urbanization or natural environment.


2)The aluminum bridge has a natural protective coating and corrosion resistance, which makes it resistant to harsh natural conditions and saves the high cost of daily maintenance.


3)A lightweight aluminum alloy bridge weighs half as much as wood and one-third as much as iron, reducing the effort and time required to install and transport the bridge. The strength of the aluminum alloy is sufficient to carry pedestrians.


4)Using steel as a bridge material requires a huge structural foundation due to its weight. And it is susceptible to environmental influences, and the service life will be significantly shortened in the absence of routine maintenance. Aluminum alloy materials can effectively prolong the life of bridges.


OYT Machine for MIC Aluminum Bridge Production:

Machine Solution:

Heavy-Duty CNC 3-Axis CNC Profile Machining Center

CNC Multi Angle double-head saw (direct push type)

CNC heavy-duty five-axis CNC machining center

five-axis CNC compound angle double-head saw (German type)

3D map programming and design software.


※ Photo source Aluminum Bridge Aluminum pedestrian bridge - wechat official account

This set of processing equipment and software can perform fast cutting, drilling and milling processing for large and super-long aluminum alloy building materials, and at the same time, it can perform compound angle cutting, drilling and milling processing for double-camber special-shaped materials, which solves the processing problems of large and special-shaped aluminum alloy materials. . In addition, Ouyat Machinery cooperated with German software companies to develop and launch the industry-leading 3D map programming software to realize the paperless automatic programming operation of CNC machining centers, saving energy and increasing efficiency. Significant effect, better guarantee the stability and consistency of customer product quality.



Key technical bottlenecks to break through:

This set of processing equipment is used for cutting and processing of assembled synthetic aluminum alloy building materials. The key technical bottlenecks for breakthroughs include: ultra-long processing stroke, five-axis CNC multi-faceted processing, automatic programming operation, CNC arbitrary angle cutting, which fills the gap in the domestic industry.


The effective processing length of sawing, drilling and milling of this set of processing equipment is 14 meters, which is the first set of full 14-meter processing equipment in the industry. Among them, the CNC five-axis CNC machining center has an effective processing length of X axis of 14000mm, and an effective processing width of Y axis of 500mm. The effective processing height of Z-axis is 400mm; the CNC arbitrary-angle double-head saw can realize cutting at any angle of 22.5°-135°, and the functional structure and size are leading the industry; the five-axis CNC compound angle double-head saw and the three-axis CNC machining center are 14 meters long Super long and effective processing size, leading the industry.





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