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2023 Aluminium China&Lightweight Asia - OYT Machine|Onustec Group

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Welcome to visit us at 2023 Aluminium China&Lightweight Asia Shanghai


Exhibition Details are as below:

Booth No.: N3-3G30


Address: New International Expo Center Shanghai,China

We'll present our Super 5-Axis CNC Profile Machining Center and share our advantages for special shaped material processing.

5-Axis CNC Profile Machining Center

-Suitable for drilling, milling, cutting, end cutting and other processing of aluminum alloy profiles and non-ferrous metal materials.

-Equipped with a 17kW high-torque electric spindle, it can cut large curtain wall and industrial profiles.

-The fixture has an automatic avoidance function to avoid spindle collision during side processing, and at the same time meet the cycle processing of various materials;

-The A-axis can process at any angle of any angle of ±90°, and the C-axis can process at any angle of ±230°;

-Composite angle cutting, drilling and milling can be performed on double-arc special-shaped materials, which solves the processing problem of special-shaped materials for doors, windows and curtain walls;

-High-end CNC system is adopted to ensure the stability and consistency of processing;

-Advanced German 3D map programming software and digital unmanned factory management software interface are selected to realize paperless automatic programming operation.





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