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How to choose Energy Saving and Environment Friendly Machines

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How to choose Energy Saving and Environment Friendly Machines

-OYT Machine is exploring and doing more

Aluminum profile CNC processing, also known as precision aluminum alloy CNC processing, is a relatively advanced and commonly used processing method in the manufacturing industry. Whether the related CNC machining center is advanced, efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly directly affects the economic benefits, energy (resource) consumption and pollutant emissions of aluminum profile production enterprises.

OYT Machine

As a powerful enterprise that actively produces and promotes efficient and energy-saving processing machines in the field of aluminum profile deep processing machine, OYT Machine has made great efforts to promote green and smart manufacturing in recent years, continuously promote the development and application of advanced energy-saving technologies, and has achieved good results by starting from both software and hardware. Effect in what aspects is the energy saving and environmental protection performance of OYT Machine? we will give you a comprehensive introduction.

1) Using environmentally friendly cutting fluid, non-toxic and pollution-free. At the same time, a micro-atomization system is used to reduce the usage of cutting fluid without affecting the processing effect, achieving energy saving and emission reduction;

2) The equipment has a high degree of automation, reducing manual adjustment steps, thereby reducing the equipment’s no-load time to achieve energy saving;

3) The electrical control function is perfect. When a certain motor is not needed (for example, when a double-head saw is used as a single head), it can be turned off separately without affecting the operation of the machine, greatly reducing power consumption;

4) The machining center can be processed in two areas, which can process different profiles at the same time, and load and unload separately, so as to improve equipment utilization and full load rate, and reduce light-load running time;

5) Increase productivity and reduce labor costs. Oyate Machinery independently develops and launches industry-leading 3D map programming software and digital unmanned factory management software to realize paperless automatic operation of CNC machining centers (environmentally friendly). It does not require workers to have superb programming skills and reduces labor costs. Improve programming efficiency and increase productivity;

6) Improve stability and reduce scrap rate. Oyt equipment adopts a high-end numerical control system to maintain a high level of consistency in the processing process, which has a significant effect in reducing the human error rate and improving the processing efficiency of the equipment;

7) More flexible and adaptable to complex designs. Oyate's patented fixtures allow for quick and easier acceptance of design changes, allowing parts and designs to be updated without the need to replace expensive fixtures. The patented clamp has an automatic avoidance function, allowing the machine to quickly switch from processing one material to another without spending time on clamping setup. When faced with complex designs, Oyate's five-axis machining center can rotate ±182° on the A-axis and ±240° on the C-axis, and can process special-shaped and curved materials;

8) Each equipment is equipped with leakage protection, air circuit breakers, relays, transformers, etc. to prevent equipment from long-term abnormal leakage and power consumption due to phase loss operation, short circuit and other reasons;

9) Each equipment is equipped with a metal protective cover to protect the operator while reducing mechanical noise and noise pollution;

10) Equipped with a dust suction device and an aluminum scrap collection device, which can effectively reduce the accumulation of on-site processing scraps and flying aluminum chips, prevent pollution of the working environment, and extend the service life of the equipment;

11) The production of mechanical equipment uses high-temperature baking paint to reduce the use of oil-based paint and reduce toxic gas emissions from the source;

12) All moving parts of the machine adopt an intermittent feed centralized lubrication system to increase the service life of the equipment;

13) Use high-quality carbide saw blades and milling cutters to extend the service life of the tools.

The advantages of OYT Machine go far beyond this. Customized machines will have different performance. If you have other needs, please call OYT official hotline +86-18002256857, or email oytmachine@onustec. com.




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