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On July 5, the 18th China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition in 2023 opened as scheduled at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. OYT Machine, as a powerful supplier of high-end equipment for deep processing of aluminum profiles, exhibited a variety of star products in Hall N3-3G30, attracting a large number of professional visitors to visit.

At the exhibition site, many domestic and foreign visitors came to visit and consult machines and solutions. From the deep processing of industrial materials to the sustainable development strategy of the industry, the OYT technology and sales team introduced to the audience the strength of OYT in high-end equipment applications and intelligent manufacturing of industrial materials. OYT exhibited CNC five-axis multi-function machining center, CNC four-axis linkage machining center, BT40 heavy-duty machining center, five-axis CNC composite arbitrary-angle double-head saw, BT30 drilling and tapping center and other products in this exhibition. Among them, the five-axis multi-functional machining center has the advantages of high processing efficiency, high precision, high degree of automation, and wide application range. It also has good cost performance and ultra-high stability, representing a higher level of domestic aluminum special processing equipment, has been widely used in rail transit, automobile lightweight, shipbuilding and other aluminum processing industries.


In addition to displaying the company's superior products, OYT also actively participated in the exhibitor activities held at the same time as the exhibition. Director Mr. Zhang was invited to share the report " Chinese Brand Goes Global" at the exhibitor seminar. Director Zhang introduced OYT Machine to the guests and presented the development history and product application of OYT, as well as the application status of OYT machines in simple terms through the cases of multiple customers, showing the strong power of OYT.

With strong product power and brand power, OYT won high popularity and attention at the exhibition, and also welcomed by the visitors of Guangdong (Nanhai) Aluminum Processing Industry Alliance and Foshan Nanhai District Aluminum Profile Industry Association.

Photo of the Nanhai Aluminum Association exhibition group and the OYT team

Over the years, with the accumulation in the field of high-end equipment for deep processing of aluminum profiles and powerful R&D abilities of Germany experts, OYT has a wealth of industry application cases. OYT can directly participate in the customers’ demand definition link, give customers demand design suggestions, and provide customers with advice from equipment design and research and development, to installation and commissioning and after-sales service, we will continue creating value for customers, and solve production difficulties in an all-round way.

Participating in the Shanghai Aluminum Industry Exhibition this time further demonstrates OYT's strength in providing high-precision, high-efficiency, and high-stability deep-processing equipment products for global customers. In the future, OYT will continue to create efficient and stable aluminum deep processing equipment, firmly grasp the development opportunities of the aluminum industry chain, and contribute to the high-quality development of the aluminum equipment industry.




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