AAG-Aluminium Bridge

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Located in Asia Aluminum Industrial City, New Hi-tech Development Zone, Dawang, Zhaoqing City of Guangdong 

Province, Asia Aluminum is one of the largest aluminum profile manufacturers with the most sophisticated production facilities in Asia. Since its establishment in 1990, the company has been dedicated to the design and manufacturing of advanced high-precision aluminum profiles. Through years of effort and perseverance, Asia Aluminum has expanded its profile categories to be applied not only for windows and doors and curtain wall, but also for industry, aviation, rail transportation, automobile, electronics, communication technology, IT, etc. The company’s products are very popular worldwide.OYT has established long-term partnership with Jangho for years and been providing machines for all the 5 production base in Shanghai,Guangzhou, Dongguan,Chengdu and Wuhan.

Following the company’s growth and expansion,Asia Aluminum invested huge capital to upgrade and import more automated equipment for mould making, extruding and surface treatment to ensure product quality and productivity, raising its production capacity dramatically, up to 600,000 tons per year and playing a leading role in the industry.


Asia Aluminum relies on an outstanding management team, well-qualified working staff, modernized management model, cutting-edge technology, scientific production process control and stringent quality control to satisfy customers’ demand of high-quality aluminum profiles within the shortest production cycle. Asia Aluminum has won numerous honors for its stable product quality and all-round service. The company’s products involve in many landmark buildings such as the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, National Olympic Stadium (known as “Bird’s Nest”), National Swimming Center (known as “Water Cube”),and China National Theatre, etc.

ALUBRIDGE Engineering - AAG Asia Aluminum Group, National Class A Design Institute - Guangdong Jianke Architectural Design Institute, established a close technical cooperation relationship, is China's largest one-stop service Aluminum Bridge Manufacturer and Installer.

In order to meet the high accuracy and efficiency processing requests of the super long 14m industrial profiles,we have adopt our Creative Patented Combination Technology for all the machines,including:

14m 5-Axis CNC Profile Machining Centers

14m 4-Axis CNC Profile Machining Centers

14m 3-Axis CNC Profile Machining Centers

14m 5-Axis CNC Double Mitre Saws

14m 3-Axis CNC Double Mitre Saws

14m Large Heavy Duty CNC Double Mitre Saws

'we have consults many machine providers at home and abroad, none of them provide good solution except OYT,the advanced combination technology solves processing difficulties of our super long industrial profiles, and it reaches our high accuracy and efficiency requirements during the our production for years'' as per the production director.

Aluminum Bridge Production

Aluminum Bridge Installation and Projects

Aluminum Bridge Public Release




Factory:No. 18 Keda Rd., Shishan Town,Nanhai District,Foshan,China
Office: Rm 2328 No. 559 Tianhe North Rd.,Tianhe ,Guangzhou,China
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